25 GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts in Spain, the UK and 9 other countries.

Optional Credits

Pre-pay each month, no commitments and no surprises.

You can add an optional 5€, 10€ or 20€ credit for those occasional calls that aren't included in your plan. This credit never runs out!

No Commitments

You can change your tariff at any time, add more data, leave or even "park" your number for a maximum of 9 months. You can also enjoy roaming in any country in the European Economic Area at no additional cost.

Keep Number

Keeping your number is easy. Just let us know and we'll transfer it for you. It usually takes between 24 to 48 hours.

Or get a new number! 

Either way we'll send you a brand new SIM.


Super simple set-up. Fill out our request form and we'll do it all for you. You will then have complete control over your account with a personal log-in and password. 

Unlimited calls and texts to Spain, UK, Germany, Gibraltar, Denmark, USA, Norway, Holland, Ireland, Portugal and Sweden.

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